June 2 – 5 will mark the first edition of DAS Master Presentations festival. Professional theatre makers and dance artists share their work with a public, at the conclusion of an intensive two years masters research period.

Programme Master Presentations

Part 3: How to enter a kiss
Eleana Alexandrou

I want to kiss happily ever after but ‘salivafalls’ and opinionated tongues leave me with no space to dance; no room to bloom with confidence.

Paper Body
Nina Boas

How can we exist within this world of matter, experience & connections, and find our place? I draw two figures who morph into a rock and an electric water boiler. 

Jaha Koo

"1 or 0, that is the question.” A person and an electronic rice cooker in a space, living together. How did this relationship come into being? 

OutOf aiR
Asher Lev

We know that it’s very close to us. This is the air of somebody. It is very nice to hold this air. It is a bit like deep diving in the ocean. 

Fractured Memory
Ogutu Muraya

How to deal with an inherited history muddled with ugliness? By injecting the personal and creating fiction, by shifting perspectives, by playing with disjointed voices and fractured contours. 

between the is and the could be
Thea Patterson 

To listen this space, linger there and wait ...wait…This hesitation carves time out of time, it makes a time, it brackets space, it glimmers. We glimmer this space into being. (limited audience) 

Shaped as a tree
Sara Anjo

I woke up standing, allowing myself to remain solid, feeling stillness in life. In my dream the body was pulsing in its own matter until sudden implosions arrived. 

Untitled (work in progress)
Matthew Day

How to move this thing through space. Dance to matter. 

Astrit Ismaili

Somewhere between the past and the future there is only one real thing, the present. You hear three voices and you realize that everything else is fiction.