Ahmed El Gendy

i feel you like the moon feels the earth

22 April: 21:30 AHMED - i feel you like the moon feels the earth
23 April: 21:30 AHMED - i feel you like the moon feels the earth


liquid mirror molding into reflective bodies
as we are the scatter of the same shimmer
attempting attempts

like being on the edge of a waterfall
constantly passed on from one hand to another
while staying with their in-between

literally holding 
landscapes that we cohabitate
as containers of things

to me you do not end where you are 
i become who i am as you are close to me
i feel you like the moon feels the earth
the mere fact that we sense one another in proximity
through durations hardening then lasting
through distances equally vast on their scale
on the trampoline that we bounce from

being a space-for-the-world as a matter of range
where the curiosity of our eyes is confronted 
never being able to include every drop 

i risk losing you at zero distance


Zero Encounters is a durational performance project that took place in Amsterdam from 10 to 16 November 2023. During this period, Ahmed consecutively encountered six different strangers, each for 24 hours, without speaking. Participants signed up for the project via an online invitation. Ahmed accompanied them throughout their day, during which the participant took charge of how and where the day was spent. The intention was to set a condition of proximity over a period that would be long enough for an intimacy of presence to emerge, wherein they would not rely on verbal language to negotiate desires, but rather attempt to become familiar with each other otherwise.

‘i feel you like the moon feels the earth’ bridges the journey of conjunction from memory to this moment of holding space together. 


Performance: Ahmed El Gendy, Clotilde Cappelletti, Estéfano Romani; Sound: Eleni Maragkou; 2nd year Mentor: Miguel A. Melgares; 1st year Mentors: Chupan Atashi, Jassem Hindi

Thanks toDAS Choreography peers and tutors for their support and attentive engagement – Alina, Leandro, Cornelius, Simone, Simone, Zander, Isis, Mario, Laura, Clarinda, Jordan, Juan Felipe, Setareh, Alice, Katerina, velvet, Konstantina, and Jeroen.

Thanks to Mauro Terzi, Aurélien Lepetit, Krystel Khoury, Noha Ramadan, Elisa Zuppini, Andreas Hannes, Eroca Nicols, Udo Akemann, Catalina Insignares, Lina Issa, Connor Cook, Toni Steffens, Manuel Kiros Paolini, and to washing machines Gertrude, Fatima, and Bubble-Ann.

Special thanks toZero Encounters participants for their trust, curiosity and generosity – Mara van Nes, Mattias Duyves, Meii Soh, belit sağ, Dick Zijp, and Altaf Makhiawala.

Ahmed El Gendy (Cairo, 1987) is an artist based in Amsterdam. They experiment with the complexities of agency, togetherness, and entanglement through video, text, and live performance. Ahmed’s approach to movement and composition aims to embrace interdependence, uncertainty and the dispersion of attention. They often work with the materiality of ropes, water, and large scale objects. 

Through their current research at DAS Choreography, they have been investigating the idea that distance and duration are potentially the quantifiers and qualifiers of relationships. Ahmed speculates that the closer/longer one attends to another is the measurement of their relation. These relations keep rewriting who we are becoming in the world.

In this research project, the notion of relay is delineated as the act of passing something from one person to the next. The moving body is being passed in a state of constant transition and attunement between a relation with one situation and a relation with another.

What happens in that body while it is moving into the next dynamic? Where does one end and where does the next person begin? How does one separate themselves from a previous situation? To what extent could one’s sticky web of existing relations sustain new dynamics with further movement?

Ahmed studied contemporary dance at Studio Emad Eddin Foundation in Cairo (2011), and holds a bachelor’s degree in choreography from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam (2019). Their previous works have been presented at Mediterranea Biennale in Ancona, and at Festifreak International Festival for Independent Cinema in La Plata, Argentina. 

Working as a performer in film and dance creations, Ahmed collaborated with, among others, Arno Schuitemaker, Mohamed Shawky Hassan, Olivier Dubois, Andreas Hannes, Laila Soliman, Shaymaa Shoukry, and Joaquin Wall.