3M0T1NG {/n3tw0rk1ng}

Zander Porter


Which space-time emerges from recoding the “I” in individual_neoliberal? A technogenetic matrix has been choreographed to rehearse this inquiry. 3M0T1NG{/n3tw0rk1ng} (“emoting/networking”) works with a modular nexus of moving collaborators in a transindividual and ceremonial equation, constantly recomputing personal networking devices and dis-re-embodied emoticons in a multi-/intra-entity, emo-techno-social soma. Intimations of eye-contact and image-selves disconnect essentialized “truths” from individualized feelings and expressions. Rendered are psychic dissociations from hegemonic_colonized emotionality, re-queering inter-relational communications and psychotherapies in “real” (hallucinatory) and “virtual” (sensational) time.

“What form have connections taken? What substance did they have? And in the future? 3M0T1NG demonstrates that whether or not it is emotion that is ‘put on,’ some such signals are necessary to be able to think about how to understand and respond to each other, and thus to connect. […] Yet, aware as the audience always is of bodies moving around and responding to each other on stage, emotions continue to take nascent shape in the space between those bodies and how they represent themselves (on the body or the screen). It is through this space that we have been encountering difference (including in ourselves), feeling something, and forming new connections.”

— Michael Amico, PhD, researcher at the Center for the History of Emotions at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development

The black hole information paradox questions how information may or may not “escape” once it crosses over a hole’s event horizon, understood as the no-turning-back threshold for “annihilation” of any consumed entity. However, transformed and outputted information appears instead to be encrypted, having been warped by the black hole’s dimensionally otherworldly and emergent gravity. Consider being a guest or participant on the edge of spectatorship that is this event horizon. What slips inward? Which psyche (de)personalizes (unhinges), and whose key decrypts it? Who are-am you-I? In this-then, reposition. Queer quantum unbecoming, our_selves (un-)networking, welcome… 

Modular performances/dances with Isis Andreatta, Juan Pablo Cámara, Forough Fami, Ahmed El Gendy, Lucas Lagomarsino, Alina Ruiz Folini, Raoni Muzho Saleh, Charlie Laban Trier, Simone Gisela Weber, & Jakob Wittkowsky; music by Li Yilei; costume by Dynno Dada; makeup by Queen of Virginity & Grizolda; technical-technological setup/mixing by Bram Snijders & IDlab; outside-eyes through Setareh Fatehi & Elisa Zuppini; mentorship via Erin Manning. Supported by Aart Janszen Fonds (Amsterdam), Fonds Darstellende Künste (Berlin), NPN-STEPPING OUT (Munich), SACi-E/INPE (São José dos Campos), the Saison Foundation (Tokyo), & Y Events (Prague). Heart-pinging thanks to countless collaborators, peers, research fellows, kins: matrices & cosmos.

“For technogenesis to occur, what must be sought is a way to foreground the effects of unknowability that are virtually present in all movement. The incipiency of movement’s emergence must be tapped. […] Sensing bodies in movement are open systems that reach-toward one another sensingly, becoming through these relational matrices. As these bodies individuate relationally, they evolve beyond their ontological status, becoming ontogenetic. Technogenesis is the dynamic becoming of the sensing body in movement.”

— Erin Manning, Relationscapes (2009)