Mario Lopes


Presented here as an installation, AFROTRANSTOPIA is an ongoing project of choreographic research by Mario Lopes. The installation is open for viewing throughout all three evenings of the master presentations. Additionally, there are two moments of a public talk with Mario and invited guests.

Since the beginning, it has been about Afrotranstopia, about activating and intersecting existences that deal with the traumas that are affected by the syndemic virus PACACO-bi (patriarchy, capitalism and colonialism - within a binary structure). Afrotranstopia reconnected us to the Afrodiasporic technologies of life, gave us the opportunity to create collectivity based on every single one of us, and activated our voices to enter the choir of a greater conversation and the accumulation of knowledge and practices. The practice has been salivating the knots and the method has been the creation of algorithms. What stays is foam.

A first algorithm was realized in September 2022 within a performance of bodies that traveled to train collectivity. In January 2023 the second algorithm at Come Together intersected new bodies. And meanwhile another algorithm generated a VR platform. In this third moment the algorithm takes the form of an installation. Together with the audience, the installation revists all algorithms, their images, fluxograms, words, video, and sound.

I have followed this master’s programme to articulate an expanded form of choreographing. I wanted to figure out how to pass on knowledge and share it with emerging generations. I have exercised possible ways of dissolving traumas and of preparing the body for the tsunami that threatens life through active relaxation. My genuine interest to study at DAS has been to create a method of what I understand as choreographing in the world, defining technologies of life, practicing the collective encounter and passing on Afrotranstopia.

…Together with students from Expanded Contemporary Dance, a fifth algorithm is in the making…

I cannot become indigenous; I cannot become African; I cannot divest myself of the West impregnated in me; what I am left with is to speculate constant transformation, which is based on me, and from my shared Afrotranstopic place.

Collaborators: Amie Jammeh, Ana Lira, Allyson Amaral, Andrea Arobba, Amparo González Sola, ACRE por Cássio Bomfim, Alina Ruiz Folini, Bouba Dola, Castiel Vitorino, Candelaria Fernández, Carla Lopes, Dandara Modesto, Diane Lima, Damani Leidsman, David Munzo, Denilson Oliveira, Eliara Queiroz, Flávia Pinheiro, Gabriel de Oliveira, Gabriel Quesada, Geert Oddens, Giovanna Esposito, Guinho Nascimento, Isabel Hölzl, Isis Andreatta, Iagor Peres, Iah Bahia, Kalil Joigny, Konstantina Georgelou, Jeroen Fabius, Jota Mombaça, Juli Frodermann, Luisa Barreto, Léo Custódio, Leandro Souza, Madalena Inayê, Malu Avelar, Marcela Olate, Maelys Meyer, Niels Luteijn, Paula Montecinos, Patrícia Black, Priscila Hilário, Rafa Barreto, Rodrigo Batista, Rosanne, Samuel Iatã, Simone Lopes, Skarlati Kemblin, Thais Ushirobira, Tom Oliver, ​​​velvet leigh, Victor Pardinho, Zenzele Mthembu-Salter, Zander Porter, and all the DAS multidisciplinary team. Agradeço ao meu pai Gilberto e, especialmente, a minha mãe Maria do Carmo.



PUBLIC TALK with Mario Lopes and invited guests Joy Mariama Smith and David Munoz

Accompanied by: 

Damani Leidsman / Mushroom Mosis (vocalist), Gabriel de Oliviera (musician), Niels Luteijn (musician), Paula Montecinos (musician), Zenzele Mthembu-Salter (musician)