Top Naeff Prijs Fund

The Top Naeff Prize is the oldest theatre student prize in the country and is awarded on an irregular basis to a promising student, graduating from the Academy of Theatre and Dance.

The prize was established by will in 1953 by the then very well-known writer and drama critic Top Naeff (1878-1953). Ms Naeff held various positions at the Drama School between 1901 and 1948, the most notable being that of member of the Management and Supervision Committee (Source: Gé Vaartjes, 2010, Rebel en dame. Biography van Top Naeff, Amsterdam-Antwerp: Em. Querido's Uitgeverij BV).

The prize is accompanied by a trophy as a memento and a sum of money thanks to a fund from Mrs Naeff's estate, the Top Naeff Prize Fund. Since 2012, the prize has been co-sponsored by the Emma Morel Fund. Prize winners may additionally rejoice in being included in a select company of previous winners.

The first prize winner was actress Sigrid Koetse when she graduated in 1955. After her, the award has been won by, among others: Carice van Houten, Peter Oosthoek, Suzanne Kennedy, Boukje Schweigmann, and Theun Mosk . On rare occasions, the prize is awarded to a particularly talented class.

Top Naeff Prijs jury members:
Tim van Dongen, Sabrina van Halderen, Belle van Heerikhuizen, Lois Maat and Christiaan Mooij.

Recent winners are: