Dear graduate students,

This open call for the André Veltkamp Grant 2023 is open calll to students graduating this year with an exceptional thesis work. Last year, the ATD Fund opted for a new procedure where students themselves express their desire to be considered for award of the Scholarship.

Register for a pitch and meeting with the committee!

The André Veltkamp Grant is intended for a graduation production of the Academy for Theatre and Dance that excels through involvement with today's society. The focus is on the creative process, the team, individuality, drive and originality. On behalf of ATD Fund, the committee will choose a production with a special artistic signature. Which production do you think deserves a second life and therefore a new audience?

If you are convinced that your production is eligible for the André Veltkamp Scholarship, apply before August 1 for a pitch and meeting with the committee, consisting of alumni and colleagues from the field. Through the online application form you will answer a number of questions. The committee will invite candidates and teams to a presentation and interview on September 11. For that meeting you can think up your own presentation form to show the committee why your performance deserves a second life.

Save the date!
On Monday, September 25, during a public event in the hall of the Academy for Theatre and Dance, the André Veltkamp Scholarship, the Top Naeff Prize and the Henny Kamerman Dancer Prize will be awarded. The scholarship is an award of 1,000.00 and support from the ATD Fund for research into a revival of the production.

We did our best to contact all 2023 graduates by mail. Did you not receive an email? Apologies! And we look forward to receiving your application.