Online DAS Theatre Master presentation: The Time That Remains by Igor Dobričić

Saturday 11 July 2020, 18:30 - 20:30 uur

Practical Information

About The Time That Remains

Inside an interval between the now of my realization about the end and the now of the end itself, everything that ever happened is finally brought into the presence, is made available, offered to be actualized and reconciled. My body, whose demise is suddenly made immanent and known, is for a short while, transformed into the vessel of time. The memory of the ages past is now made to be my own memory, and when I speak, I am giving a voice to it. I read myself as a book, and what is written in this book is not only what I remember of my own existence but also the full recollection of what has ever existed. And yet the instant I open my mouth to read from it, it is only that much that I'll be able to utter before the end arrives to mute me away. 

About Igor Dobričić

Igor Dobričić, studied dramaturgy at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, (former) Yugoslavia. He is working internationally as a dramaturg, collaborating regularly with a number of choreographers/makers (Nicole Beutler, Keren Levi, Guillaume Marie, Christina Ciupke, Alma Söderberg, Arkadi Zaides, Jenny Beyer, Meg Stuart, a/o). In a role of a teacher and a mentor he has a long-term engagement with the Amsterdam School for New Dance (SNDO). From 2010 onwards, he is also developing his own performative research project under the title TableTalks. During the last 10 years TableTalks is hosted and presented in Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm, Cairo, Sao Paulo and Vienna.