Szymon Adamczak

Szymon Adamczak

DAS Theatre

Its worth and quite necessary to sink into artistic life of Amsterdam while being here. Places like San Seriffe and FOAM, parties like in de School or Progress Bar are worth exploring, too. Be prepared to re-learn yourself and doubt a lot. It’s for your own good.

I am a theatre artist from Poland, writer and dramatist. I represent the first, millennial generation born and raised after the fall of Communism. Choosing to do my masters at DAS was to acknowledge and develop my practice developed without previous formal artistic education. At the same time, I found myself shifting from writing and working in state theatre into more performative, visually and self-induced work. 

Most likely after graduation I am going to stay based in Amsterdam. I will be definitely continuing projects I have already started or initiated during period at DAS. One of them is called „Staging the obvious” and is realized between Warsaw and Tel Aviv. I am planning as well a residency „Small Forms of a Great Doubt” in Prague dedicated to performance art practices in 60s in Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, catching up with games, book and undercurrent life of Amsterdam.

An Ongoing Song

Spinning the wheels of my feeble limousine into not very gentle of a night. I find myself in a place where a certain playfulness is expected or, rather, is imposed. An unwanted desire to always be with the other, to perform codependency. Here, me and him are together in a way I imagine my cells would be together with a virus, in a manner directed by science, out of my hands but, nevertheless, controlled. Hyacinths gardened in my medication bottles. Deborah, Yvonne, Insert Your Name and Pina. A Sims version of a burning love, a drug OD faked for a film scene, a deadly plague described in a book. A (previously) unreleased letter that keeps writing itself.

I wondered about ways to express the weightlessness of this duet. About the phantom pains I felt from the open wounds of others before me, and the testament of life that they bequeathed to me. I embraced the unexpected kinships and made genealogies dance together. Virus is a terrific performer. (One in a million, once for a lifetime.) Mouthwatering. The global population of the infected makes up for a country almost as big as the one I come from.  And this is not ironic.

An Ongoing Song consists of a live performance and a selection of writing conceived during the process, presented as a zine.

Overige projecten

Block program curated by Silvia Bottiroli under the title „Anywhere, anywhere out of this world” as it gave me an amazing opportunity to experiment and learn more on the ways how a notion of fiction can be applied and understood in its performativity. It was also a pleasure to be able to work with such artist like Philippe Quesne, Christophe Meierhans, Zapruder and theoretictians Daniel Blanga-Gubbay and Livia Andrea Piazza.

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