Noah Voelker

Noah Voelker

DAS Theatre

Do what you enjoy, even if it is difficult to enjoy it.

Noah Voelker (1990) is a theatre maker from Texas, United States. During his studies in Theatre and Economics at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas he became interested in avant garde theatre, participatory performance practices, and devised theatre. In 2013 he joined the Aesthetic of Waste collective as an executive director.

In the collective he directed, wrote, sound designed, stage managed, built props, and performed. As an academic and director he is interested in exploring the relationship between audience and performers; particularly how to invite the audience as collaborators with the performance. He has directed Ithaka (2011), The Maids (2012), We Stole This (various scenes with the Aesthetic of Waste 2012-14), and The Most Important Night of Theatre You Will Ever Attend (with the Aesthetic of Waste 2014) Noah received a B.A. in Theatre as well as Economics from Trinity University in 2013.

Those people who I have had the pleasure of interacting with who are humble and have a vision for themselves and what they do.

To continue to make work in Amsterdam. Work that is personal to me, but also can reach out to others. Work that is easily understandable, but has unmistakable depth. Work that is funny and charming, but also provoking and disturbing. Work that is about people.

Cursed on a Thursday

We all deal with uncertainty. The future continues to feel less and less certain and we have to respond to that in some way. I will take you from beginning to end with easy to follow and concrete steps in what to do about your uncertainty. I have lived it and gone through it and I want you to feel the same.

This work on uncertainty came out of a research period into how to approach the notion of ‘the future.’ The future as a topic is overwhelming and unwieldy; I began to embody these sensations. That caused the researched to shift to how I experience the future and all the anxieties, worries, doubts, and uncertainties I feel towards it. With the shift came the big questions of the research: how do we as individuals address all the uncertainties (personal and outside of ourselves) that exist simultaneously in the present and in the future? How do we work on our uncertainties under contemporary conditions? And, do we do this work together or alone?

The result of this research is a presentation of the struggles with own deep feelings uncertainty and the steps I took towards embracing that uncertainty.

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