Gwenoële Trapman

Gwenoële Trapman

DAS Creative Producing

Trapman is since 2011 leading research on different forms of cultural entrepreneurship in the United States, Great Britten, Germany and The Netherlands. As a result she developed a new master for the Academy of Theatre and Dance (ATD), which started in September 2018, named ‘DAS Creative Producing- Creative Entrepreneurship in the Arts’, of which she now is the artistic director. 

From 2008-2018 she was the artistic director of the School for Production and Stage Management of the ATD 

She is an independent producer of theatre and musical theatre shows for theatres and for the Dutch National Television. For several years she was executive financial director and head of the production and management department at the Grachtenfestival, head of production at theatre company Hollandia and worked as head of production music and musical theatre at the Holland Festival. In recent years she studied Public Law at the University of Amsterdam and finished her master ‘Constitutional and Administrative Law’ with her master thesis ‘Cultural Entrepreneurship, the judicial review of the criteria ‘cultural entrepreneurship’ used in obtaining subsidies in the arts.’ As from September 2018, she follows a PhD program at VU University Amsterdam on Entrepreneurship in the Arts.

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