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DAS Graduate School

DAS Graduate School was established in 2016 by the Academy of Theatre and Dance in order to bring its master’s, doctorate and research programmes together under one roof. DAS Theatre, DAS Choreography, DAS Creative Producing and DAS Research have joined forces to invest in the further development of education and research.

The school is based in a recently renovated building with a broad range of facilities, and the heart of the building functions as an open and welcoming locale for gatherings and meetings between the arts, science, education and society.

Faculty and Instructional Staff

  • Administration, reception: 
Martin Brans

Technical coordinator
: Harco Haagsma
  • Technical assistance: 
Udo Akemann

Karin van de Wiel
  • Facility manager: 
Rein Hartog

Facility support
: Jop van Galen

  • Artistic director: Silvia Bottiroli
  • Student counsellor: Juul Beeren
  • Coordinator educational platform: John Meijerink
  • Production manager: Maaike Boot


More about DAS Theatre Staff

Students & alumni

  • Artistic director: Jeroen Fabius
  • Production manager: Velvet Leigh
Teaching staff: Sher Doruff


More about DAS Choreography Staff

Students & alumni

More about DAS Creative Producing Staff

  • Lector/professor
: Marijke Hoogenboom
  • Project manager: Sanne Kersten
  • Coordinator Third: Sher Doruff


More about the DAS Research community

DAS Masters & Research

DAS Theatre offers one programme, one ‘dramaturgy of learning’, for students of two profiles: theatre makers and curators. We believe that an intense dialogue between both contributes to the development of new models and practices of relating to the world. An international environment, a broad network, a home and a working space, DAS Theatre is a full-time, two-year residential Master’s programme.

DAS Theatre was previously named DasArts – Master of Theatre. This institute was founded in 1994 by Ritsaert ten Cate. Read more

Artists who have established a professional practice and are seeking possibilities for further reflection and development can increase their research skills at DAS Choreography. The individual artistic practice is the point of departure and will be the guiding thread of the course design. This non-residential programme comprised of seminars, residencies and individual mentoring facilitates the development of an intensive and sustained dialogue. 

DAS Choreography was previously called Amsterdam Master of Choreography. DAS Choreography is founded in 2002. Before that it was called Dance Unlimited.

The new DAS Creative Producing - Entrepreneurship in the Arts Master's degree programme started in September 2018. This part-time master's is the first programme for creative producers in the Netherlands.

DAS Research coordinates and supports all research groups at the DAS Graduate School, and is responsible for the development of master programmes and doctoral research. Focussing on ‘Performing Arts in Transition’, it operates at the heart of innovation and raises the school’s profile as an expert community. DAS Research is responsible for initiating cross-programme activities and designing specific programmes that may involve external researchers and institutions.

DAS Research was previously the Performing Arts in Transition research group. 


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