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The deadline for applications for the 2022-2024 cohort has passed. Keep an eye on our social media and website for next year's open call and other DAS Research events!

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THIRD is an artistic research program that aims to bridge the gap between Masters and 3rd Cycle education as a dedicated support structure. Currently there are very few programs in Europe catering to performing arts research in higher education and even fewer providing pedagogies and facilities focusing on research in and through (collaborative studio) practice. Though DAS Graduate School cannot award a doctoral degree, we intend to support artists who wish to expand their knowledge(s) by supplementing PhD, 3rd Cycle or Research Fellowship program in the Netherlands and abroad. We do this by:

  • developing a viable research plan for each cohort member
  • finding a primary supervisor at an institution that best suits the artist’s project
  • selecting an appropriate tutoring team at DAS
  • hosting three quarterly cohort meetings every year for exchange between peers
  • organizing an Annual Forum with presentations of researchers
  • facilitating research time and space for summer residencies at DAS Graduate School
  • awarding a modest personal budget of 1.200 euro per year to cover hours for additional personal mentoring, travel expenses for conferences/festivals, an international summer residency, career development
  • providing individual tutor supervision from the perspective of performing arts practice
  • providing practical and discursive peer exchange opportunities
  • access to the community, events and facilities of DAS Graduate School and the wider Academy of Theatre and Dance
  • opportunities for publications through platforms such as THIRDtalks and DAS Publishing
  • international exchange: THIRD collaborates with PEERS: the pre-PhD programme of the Department of Performing Arts and Film at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). Exchange is fostered by joint events during the year that are open to THIRD participants.
  • access to the Amsterdam University of the Arts and ARIAS, a regional platform for art and research

If you are interested in pursuing a 3rd Cycle trajectory through artistic research we invite you to submit a proposal that outlines your prospective research plus a short motivation statement (letter of intent) describing why a 3rd Cycle trajectory is important for your work at this time. The proposal should address research questions/concerns, methodologies and modes of exploration, and desired/available support structures. We are looking for propositional articulations pertinent to transversal research in the performing arts. The committee will evaluate in what way your research is rooted in practice, the quality of your articulation and the relevance of 3rd Cycle research to your own development and to the field it relates to.

What we need from you:

  • maximum 1.000 word research proposal (pdf)
  • maximum 750 word motivation letter that outlines how you expect THIRD to be of value to your own practice; what you imagine bringing to the programme; and how you would situate your research in relation to the themes of DAS Research (pdf)?
  • maximum two portfolio links to your artistic work (link to website, youtube or vimeo)
  • curriculum vitae (pdf)

Deadline for submission 1 April 2022

Applications will be reviewed by our selection committee (Prof. Dr. Laura Cull, Dr. Emilie Gallier, Dr. Ilse van Rijn, Dr. Rajni Shah and Dr. meLê yamomo) who will thoroughly review all proposals. A final round of twelve applicants will be selected for a half hour interview session in the week of 16 - 19 May. The results of the selection will be announced the following week. Applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Quality of the research proposition and relationship to portfolio
  • Quality of motivation letter and reciprocal benefit of program for applicant and vice versa
  • Quality of artistic work and demonstration of professional artistic experience
  • Feasibility of commitment to two-year program
  • Articulation of relationship of research to one or more of DAS Research themes

We aim to select a cohort from a range of different backgrounds and perspectives and we encourage applications from all sections of the community, in particular applicants who are under-represented in the arts and research.

  • THIRD Fellows are required to share their research in public in a format of their own choosing at least once during the program.
  • THIRD fellows who have completed the two-year trajectory will receive a certificate. - THIRD fellows are not required to have a Masters.
  • Participate in the THIRD Quarterly seminars held in the DAS Graduate School, Amsterdam.
  • THIRD fellows are responsible for their own travel expenses to these events.
  • Participation in the program costs €500 per year.

You can submit your application using the application form.

  • 27-30 October 2022 – Annual Forum
  • January ’23 quarterly (dates tbc)
  • March ’23 quarterly (dates tbc)
  • June ’23 quarterly (dates tbc)
  • July ’23 Summer Residence Academy (dates tbc)
  • October ’23 quarterly (dates tbc)

THIRD is part of DAS Research: the Lectorate of the Academy of Theatre and Dance, Amsterdam. The DAS Research program is structured by 4 themes: 1) Social justice, Inclusion; 2) Climate crisis, Ecology, Sustainability; 3) Care, Grief & Loss, Lived time and 4) Ways of Knowing & Not-Knowing. We see these themes as fluid and dynamic, and are particularly interested in where they overlap and intersect with each other. The purpose of the themes is to provide areas of focus for the research program and to act as an invitation for researchers to meet each other on the basis of shared interests. More info: (https://www.atd.ahk.nl/en/das-research/research-themes/).

DAS Research is headed by the Lector, Prof. Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca. THIRD tutors include Sher Doruff, Ilse van Rijn, Emilie Gallier, and Gustavo Ciríaco. The programme is coordinated by Sanne Kersten.

Current members of THIRD are:

Cohort 4: Maija Hirvanen, Miguel E. Keerveld, Panagiotis Panagitakopoulos, Sabine Zahn, Szymon Adamczak, Zhana Ivanova

Cohort 3: Amanda Piña, Áron Birtalan, Andrea Božić, Cecilia Vallejos, Igor Koruga, Nikita Maheshwary and Catalina Insignares.

Alumni of THIRD are:

Cohort 2: Mike O’Connor, Alison Isadora, Nienke Scholts, Gustavo Ciríaco, Rosie Heinrich, Jennifer Lacey and Siegmar Zacharias.

Cohort 1: Alice Chauchat, Agnese Cornelio, David Weber-Krebs, Edit Kaldor, Emilie Gallier, Julien Bruneau and Suzan Tunca.

Return to the THIRD website for more information on THIRD.

email: das-research@ahk.nl