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THIRD 3rd Cycle Research Groups

DAS Graduate School initiated the 3rd cycle research group THIRD in 2016. It is a unique facilitating model designed as a three­-year trajectory for small-­scale learning cohorts. Currently THIRD supports two cohorts of seven fellows each and an Alumni cohort.

THIRD prepares theatre, choreography and performance artists for 3rd cycle research opportunities through processes of refining their individual artistic research proposals, sharpening their research aspirations and defining their affiliations and funding possibilities.

The cohort environment generates collective experiment and reflection on the potential of artistic research. It continues developing methodologies for research, peer learning and exchange through artistic practice.


THIRD has two active cohorts of seven participants exploring research opportunities at the PhD or PhD equivalent level.

Currently there are very few programs in Europe catering to performing arts research in higher education and even fewer providing pedagogies and facilities focusing on research in and through (collaborative studio) practice.

The aim of THIRD is to prepare, coach and facilitate individual choreographers, theatre makers and performance artists in articulating a long-term research project for enrolment in a university PhD or Research Fellowship program. Though DAS Graduate School cannot bestow a doctoral degree, we intend to support artists who wish to expand their knowledge(s) by supplementing PhD candidatures in the Netherlands and abroad.

THIRD aims to bridge the gap between master and 3rd Cycle education. THIRD is a dedicated support structure. With expertise in the expanded fields of theatre, choreography and performance, we complement university resources in nourishing the research trajectories of each individual in our group.

We nourish the research trajectories of each individual in our group by:

  • Developing a viable research plan for each cohort member 
  • Finding a primary supervisor at an institution that best suits the artist’s project
  • Selecting an appropriate supervision team 
  • Hosting three four-day quarterly cohort meetings every year for exchange between peers 
  • Organising an Annual Forum with presentations of researchers of the cohort
  • Providing research time and space for a three-week summer residency at DAS Graduate School 
  • Affording individual supervision from the perspective of performing arts practice
  • Providing practical and discursive peer exchange opportunities
  • Access to the community and facilities of DAS Graduate School 
  • Access to the Amsterdam University of the Arts and ARIAS, a regional platform for art and research

THIRD is directed by Dr. Sher Doruff and coordinated by Sanne Kersten.

THIRD fellows who have completed the three-year trajectory successfully will receive a certificate.

Participation in the program costs €500,- per year.


Open Call THIRD 2021

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