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3rd Cycle Research Group

DAS Graduate School initiated the 3rd cycle research group THIRD in 2016. It is a unique facilitating model designed as a two­year trajectory for small­scale learning cohorts of seven fellows each year. THIRD prepares theatre and dance artists for 3rd cycle research opportunities through the processes of refining their individual artistic research proposals, sharpening their national and/or international aspirations, and defining their affiliation as well as funding possibilities. The cohort environment generates collective experiment and reflection on the potential of artistic research. 

Approach THIRD

The aim of the THIRD is to prepare, coach and facilitate individual choreographers and theatermakers in articulating a long-term research project for enrolment in a university PhD or Research Fellowship programme. 
THIRD functions as a pilot project bridging the gap between master and 3rd cycle education, it is an experimental ‘schakelprogramma’, designed as a non-residential trajectory.

Focusing on the distinctiveness of artistic research, THIRD provides a sustainable ecology of individual and collective development through collaborative resourcing and exchange. The pilot program currently entails:

Individual and group supervision of research trajectories;
Mentoring support in articulating comprehensive four-year research proposals for submission to educational institutions at the PhD level;
Mentoring advice on selecting university programs and supervisors that best suit the researchers interests;
Access to supplemental programs, educators, professional artists and potential funding services;
Access to studio facilities and technical support of DGS;
Facilitation of intensive three-day Quarterly seminars at DGS;
Development of specific qualitative methods such as collaborative Praxis Sessions in which the entire cohort has creative and critical agency within a singular research proposition of each fellow;
Editorial advise on published texts and presentations.

The team primarily consists of the program director Marijke Hoogenboom (lector Das Research) of THIRD and the cohort coordinator Dr. Sher Doruff (tutor masters programmes and supervising artistic research projects in the 3rd cycle since 2007). together they have initiated the model.

The Takforce is involved in the selection of the second cohort, feedback on the process and critically assessments of the results. Members are Jeroen Fabius (director master DAS Choreography), Dr. Marijn de Langen (teacher Academy of Theatre and Dance and Research Honours Programme, ArtEZ), Dr. Konstantina Georgelou (teacher master Theatre Practices, ArtEZ, and University Utrecht).

The first Cohort exist out of 7 artists: Suzan Tunca, Emilie Gallier, Julien Bruneau, David Weber-Krebs, Alice Chauchat, Agnes Cornelio, Edit Kaldor who are exploring research opportunities at the PhD or PhD equivalent level.

Within its first year, THIRD’s approach has proved convincing: two cohort participants could enter fully funded programs in Belgium and Norway, other cohort fellows will enroll as candidates in the Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain.

hosting quarterly cohort meetings to further exchange between peers


Download the visual overview of our activities