DAS Radio is initiated as an encounter to open up to the wider community the research and art practices of DAS Graduate School. The first three podcasts are conversations over dinner, conceived by students Max Gadow, Samara Hersch and Ira Brand. The conversations will be focused on aspects of art, community, and performance.

For each episode they invite a guest from within DAS Graduate School and an external guest to attend a work with us in Amsterdam. The guests then join us for a three-course home cooked dinner inspired by what we have seen.

DAS radio is not about critiquing an artwork but about the kind of conversations that can be opened up by an artistic encounter.


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#1: Lars Ebert & Isobel Dryburgh

In this episode we talk about hiding and the hidden, visibility, and the gaze. We touch on the values of access and intimacy for arts spaces, the stories we tell about ourselves, and what kind of transparency we might need in talking about difficult histories.

We are joined by Lars Ebert from cultural institute Castrum Peregrini in Amsterdam and Isobel Dryburgh, an alumna from the DAS Theatre Expanded Curation profile, who is also the founder and artistic director of the art space Veronica.

Together we attended Some Things Hidden at Framer Framed, a group exhibition curated by Nina Folkersma and artist Charlott Markus. 

Date of recording: February 2018

#2: Anne Breure & Rodrigo Batista

In this episode we talk about artistic disciplines, identity politics as artists and audiences, and seeing and presenting work in different localities. How do we think about language and naming in relation to the art we make, do artistic disciplines still matter, and from which perspectives do we look at and talk about art?

We are joined by the artistic director of Veem House for Performance, Anne Breure, and DAS Theatre student Rodrigo Batista.

Together we attended the performance Superdance by Oneka von Schrader, presented at Podium Mozaiek in Amsterdam. 

Date of recording: April 2018

#3: Silvia Bottiroli & Oneka von Schrader

In this episode we talk about our relationships to objects in the theatre and elsewhere, touch and intimacy, and the theatre as a space of transformation. We discuss ways of being a spectator, how we experience time, and what we imagine the theatre is (or can be) for.

We are joined by Silvia Bottiroli, the new artistic director of DAS Theatre, and choreographer Oneka von Schrader.

Together we attended the performance In Many Hands by Kate McIntosh at Frascati in Amsterdam.

Date of recording: October 2018