DAS Papers

DAS Papers (2018–19) was edited by Barbara Van Lindt, Jeroen Fabius and Marijke Hoogenboom. This initiative was an initial gesture towards what later became DAS Publishing.

The Dis­enchanted

By: Irit Rogoff 
My classroom is a pantheon of disenchantment, it echoes with the strong voices of those who have lost faith in how to know in any conventional sense and are in the process of trying to self­institute towards another pathway into knowledge, into the acts of knowing.

The curator in the spotlight

By: Lara Staal
While performing artists are subject to continual critical appraisal and analysis, the role and influence of that intermediary figure known as the ‘programmer’ is often nebulous. Replacing this term with ‘curator’, which is used widely for those holding a comparable position in the visual arts, could increase the visibility of this function and encourage critical discourse pertaining to it.