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IPOP Zine: Queering Artistic Feedback


IPOP activities spring and summer 2023

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In Pursuit of Otherwise Possibilities, Queer Performance Pedagogy and Feedback (IPOP)

In Pursuit of Otherwise Possibilities, Queer Performance Pedagogy and Feedback (IPOP) is an educational, artistic research platform exploring how educational institutions can better foster queer artists and practices. Although queer bodies and experiences have garnered much attention lately, there is a dearth of pedagogical practices designed for the specific needs and worldviews of LGBTQ+ students.

  • What do LGBTQ+ artists need to fully realize their artistic visions?
  • How can queer practices be supported by and respond to educational institutions?
  • What lessons for educational best practices can be drawn from LGBTQ+ histories and theories?
  • What can the unique histories of queer performance teach us about making art today?


Queer Feedback Sessions

IPOP’s Queer Feedback Sessions is an artistic pedagogical research project exploring theories and methodologies for queering performance feedback while supporting the development of LGBTQ+ artist. Meeting regularly participants are given the chance to present their work to a cohort of peers and to devise techniques for receiving feedback tailored to their needs and desires. Click here for more information

Practical Workshops

A core element of IPOPs programming are Practical Workshops in which students, staff, alum and outside visitors are joined by queer artists and researchers to explore specific issues around artistic and educational practice. In our first year, we invited outside artists to explore topics such as dragdavism, decolonial ritual, and submission as tools for developing queer art. In this second year, IPOP’s Practical Workshops will focus on sharing our learning, exploring how to queer your pedagogy and feedback methods. Click here for more information.  

IPOP Talks

IPOP Talks are a series of recorded conversations with artists and researchers about various topics of queer art and pedagogy. 

Click here to see them all. 

Project Description

Setting out to explore the research questions IPOP gathers students, teachers, and alumni of the Academy of Theatre and Dance who self-identify as working with queer themes, practices, and theories. Divided into three tracks, IPOP will include research assemblies, practical workshops, and feedback sessions. During research assemblies participant’s will explore different queer philosophies and lineages with an aim of developing personal theoretical underpinnings to support their artistic work. Throughout the year IPOP will invite guest artists to share their methodologies in practical workshops. Finally, a cohort of queer makers will meet monthly to share and feedback each other’s artistic practice. While the focus will be on supporting the individual artists, the feedback session will also serve to develop best practices, techniques and theories for what the art of (queer) feedback could look like.

From these various explorations and studies, IPOP will host a symposium to share the findings of the first year and engage with the larger queer performance scene in Amsterdam and Europe more broadly. This conference will gather a number of guest artists and academics as well as presentations by members of the IPOP community. To foster an open, non-hierarchical approach to queer research, the form of presentations within the symposium will be varied and open and will include lectures, workshops, performances, and other structures as proposed by the presenters.

IPOP artistic coordinators are Elioa Steffen and Szymon Adamczak, alums of DAS Theatre. This project is supported by Medezeggenschap Quality agreements, Participation Council of the ATD, Platform 2025 and DAS Research. Visual identity: Studio Pieter Jan Boterhoek.


IPOP Zine: Queering Artistic Feedback


IPOP activities spring and summer 2023

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