ATD Research Month 2023 - watch the short film

Imagining research at the ATD

So, that's the end of the ATD Research Month 2023.

Thankyou so much to everybody who contributed to the program. There were so many inspiring gatherings. We will share the materials from the events online soon.

And we are already looking forward to the next ATD Research Month which will be in January 2024. Send us your ideas!

But first, to mark the end of this research month we want to share again the new short film from the Lectorate of the Academy of Theatre and Dance that we premiered at the opening gathering.

We hope that the film and the research month can start conversations about what research is and what research might become at the ATD.

We would love to hear how the film lands with you:

What do you notice?
How does it feel?
What are your questions? What do you miss?
What is research for you?
What might research become at the ATD?

Because we are curious to know what you think we invite you to also share your responses here.

Thanks for watching!