Maria Inés Villasmil

Maria Inés Villasmil


DAS Research

Improvisation, Toward Real Time Composition

The methodology of teaching became more an ongoing artistic practice about how to share my own questions and investigation with my students. In this sense, the use of Improvisation, became a vehicle to explore the natural intelligence of the body. Unfolding this intelligence inherent to the body (in motion) was already a goal by itself. The sessions of my courses are organized around a physical practice that is mostly based in the use of choreographical scores and verbal indications. My fascination is still around the process of unfolding the knowledge that is already in the body in a  real  time process, and how becoming aware of the body’s own logic, and making this more explicit it is still the main subject of my artistic investigation and actual practice.


Maria Inés Villasmil is a Venezuelan born dancer, choreographer, dance educator, writer, cultural manager and academic researcher with an interest in people, society, social development, multidisciplinary and multicultural work. I have been based in the Netherlands for the last 24 years and I am presently a faculty member at the Academy of Theatre and Dance at the Amsterdam University of the Arts (Amsterdam Hoogeschool voor de Kunsten) where I lead courses in Contemporary Dance Technique, Improvisation Techniques, Choreography and also direct workshops that often integrate real time processes. I hold a MA in Choreography and New Media and a MBA in Cultural Management and Creative Industries from the Salamanca University (Spain). Previously I received two undergraduate BA degrees in Sociology in my native country (Venezuela) and in Choreography and New Media at the SNDO (Choreography Department of the Academy of Theatre and Dance). 

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