Transcultural Dance Practices Symposium

Dates & times:  13 May 17:00 – 21:00 hrs.;  14 May 10:15 – 21:30 hrs.
(due to circumstances the 15th of May is cancelled)
Location/s: ATD Jodenbreestraat 3
Contributors: Patrick Acogny, Funmi Adewole, Melvin Fraenk,  Jopie de Groot, Faizah Grootens, Damar Lamers, Jelle van der Leest, Lot Siebe, Ise Verstegen a.o.

The art of teaching dance is continuously changing and developing. In our globalizing world, fusion- and hybrid dance forms emerge within culturally diverse urban contexts.  Contemporary dancers research in-between spaces and identities. Innovative dance teachers explore unknown territories and connect to others to enrich their practice.  At this symposium, the Bachelor of Dance in Education at the ATD invites participants to share the transcultural dance practice and research of their teachers, lecturers and guests.

For more information and to register:
13 May and 14 May