Branka Zgonjanin

Branka Zgonjanin


Study the way you make!

When I create / direct / teach I am looking for what is missing, to invite it to come in front of our eyes and to be. I am investigating the hidden and the unknown as well as the obvious, because I am guided with an urge not to take anything for granted.

When I am performing I am 'exploding' my existence, everything I am, in what should be done. My profession is a way of thinking, perceiving, being, intentioning, developing, perpetuating..

To my audience I desire to give an energy boost, definite feelings and, hopefully, (new) insights.

At my time of study (2011):
Stanley Brouwn
Things and animals
Tehching Hsieh
Yvonne Rainer
Stan Brakhage
Rineke Dijkstra
Adam S. Beni
Roland Barthes
Physical workers
Pregnancy and delivery

Prelude for a Causal Machine / ONE DOUBLE BODY/Conversations with the Fish

This performance is part of the Causal Machine Family of Choreographies. All these choreographies are based on the research of inner forces within one's body. These forces are perceived as causality. Each person/performer has many different bodies, and these bodies are interrelated and influence each other all the time. Their mutual influence is most of the time mechanic. Causal Machine as a concept underlines those aspects of the bodies and tries to make them visible on the stage.

One double body is based on the real-time rite de passage experience of a performer/woman: pregnancy, labour and becoming a mother. It works with the fragility of this moment in life as well as with the physicality through living it and observing it at the same time.

Students I collaborated with include:
Nina Djekic (light performance) - SNDO2
Tim Vleugel (technician) - OTT1
Yael Assaf (advise) - Master of Film and New Media, NFTA
Kyd Campbell (research and advise) - Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany

‘I would like to make art by the way life is creating itself, again and again, never denying what it was, never knowing what will be, aware of what is now.’

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