a collaboration between SNDO, MTD & UC/JMD

woensdag 18 april 2018, 19:00 - 22:30 uur

The SNDO presents yet another edition of this collaborative project. The encounter between 3rd year choreographers of the SNDO and dancers from 2nd year of the MTD has become an annual tradition and valuable part of the curriculum.

This year the invitation has been extended to graduate students from the UC/JMD department.

The exchange works as follows: The SNDO3 students get a carte blanche to create a choreography for the dancers of MTD2 and UC/JMD4. Together they get to experience all facets of creating an autonomous work – and the responsibility that comes with that freedom. Future dance talents get the opportunity to work with fellow students to find out what a choreographer wants, is capable of, and can expect from a dancer. Just as they will experience later in the professional field, the exploration of possibilities and search for solutions are at the heart of the collaboration between choreographer and dancer.

Production manager: Nadja van der Weide; light designer and head of technique: Ge Wegman; technical assistance: Pablo Fontdevila; SNDO production and PR coordinator: Stephanie Lühn; mentor SNDO 3: Lisa Skwirblies; SNDO artistic director Bojana Mladenović; MTD artistic director: Angela Linssen; UC/JMD artistic director: Gerleen Balstra.

In this year's edition, 9 pieces will be presented in 2 parts, in Veem House for Performance.
Ticket purchase via the ticket links below (available from april 13)

18th of April at 19:00
19th of April at 19:00

with performances by:
Stina Fors
Diego Oliveira
Alexey Shkolnik
Mami Kang


21th of April at 19.00
22nd of April at 16:00

with performances by:
Ahmed El Gendy
Mezhgan Saleh
Emile Lagarde
Netti Nüganen
Elisabeth Raymond