Sign in exchange meetings / inspirational sessions

Tuesday 7 March

Exchange Sessions Part 1
10:00 - 12:30 hrs. 

Mime - Part 1: please click here
SNDO – Choreography - Part 1: please click here
ATKA - Part 1: please click here
Regie / Theatre Directing - Part 1: please click here
Theaterdocent / Theatre in Education - Part 1: please click here
OPP/ Production & Stage Management - Part 1: please click here
Docent Dans / Dance in Education - Part 1: please click here
Scenografie / Scenography - Part 1: please click here
Expanded Contemporary Dance - Part 1: please click here
National Ballet Academy - Part 1: please click here
Design & Technology - Part 1: please click here

Wednesday 8 March

10:00 – 13:00 hrs. 

Niek Wagenaar - please click here
My name is Niek, I am a freelancer dancer and dance maker from Amsterdam. As a young maker and ATD-alumnus, I hope to offer you some insights and inspirations regarding a career as an independent freelance artist. In this workshop we will delve into the possibilities within a creative process. Working from each of our sensing bodies, life-experiences and disciplines, we’re going to look at the ins and outs of a creation - from concept development to performance, artistic goals, productional necessities, and the actual creation itself. 
Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in, since we will use the body a little bit as well. Don’t worry, the meeting is very open to every discipline. 

DIY Clothing - please click here - meeting fully booked
Location: Costume Department 4th floor 
This “inspirational meeting” is about modifying clothes in the broad sense of the word. Cutting, deforming, attaching or attaching something to it, joining, folding, etc. You need to bring your own clothes or material. There is a container with residual materials in the studio to add things to the things you brought yourself. 

Laura Cull - please click here
Laura Cull, lector and head of DAS Graduate school, will take you on a tour from Jodenbreestraat to the DAS building where she will inform you about the lecturate with time for discussions and questions.

Pimp Your Bike - please click here 
Take your bicycle to the TIpTop Theater and decorate it to make it your own beautiful, unique piece of art. There is room for 8 bikes to pimp.

Serge Verheugen please click here
For this inspirational meeting your need a bike and a public transport card (OV card, to enter a train station). 
What kind of performer will you be? What is the place of your art? What is your place in society? Artist Serge Verheugen will take you on a little tour through Amsterdam to see three of his public artworks, and we will talk about his and your choices that shape our art, personality and place in life. We end with your commitment to yourself and the world. 

Carmen Politan please click here 
As a creative entrepreneur Carmen knows how to set up a project from beginning to end.  Much of her work evolves around fashion and popular culture. She likes to bring out the unheard and unseen voices in the industry. How? By initiating projects, finding the right partners, funding, and platforms for publication. In this workshop she’ll take you along in her world. Together you’ll launch a video project from A to Z, from concept to publication. Are you ready for action?

Hein Macnack - please click here
Hein Macknack is a well-known breath coach whose classes for several study programs at ATD are highly valued by students. Now there is the chance for those who have not yet taken lessons from him to experience why he was specifically introduced by the Wastelands group.

Jacob Benckhuijsenplease click here
Jaco Benckhuijsen is a writer, musician and wilderness adventurer. In 2019 his book 'Man in the Wild' was published, about three sea kayaking trips on the edges of the Pacific Ocean. He also performs with the 'Man in the Wild' movie concert.

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Nummer 10 (name will follow) - please click here

Exchange Sessions Part 2
14:00 – 16:30 hrs.

Mime - Part 2: please click here  
SNDO – Choreography - Part 2: please click here  
ATKA - Part 2: please click here  
Regie / Theatre Directing - Part 2: please click here  
Theaterdocent / Theatre in Education - Part 2: please click here  
OPP/ Production & Stage Management - Part 2: please click here  
Docent Dans/ Dance in Education - Part 2: please click here  
Scenography - Part 2: please click here  
Expanded Contemporary Dance - Part 2: please click here  
National Ballet Academy - Part 2: please click here  
Design & Technology - Part 2: please click here