Programme Thursday 29 February

House of Vineyard Day: three members of the House of Vineyard (mother Amber, father Elly and member Roxette) will work a full day with all first-year students.

House of Vineyard was founded in 2014 by Mother Amber Vineyard. The internationally recognized ballroom house consists of about thirty people and is still growing. Along with 'Father' Elly Vineyard, they have found in each other a chosen family. Since its inception, House of Vineyard has had a major impact on ballroom culture. The house builds community, provides educational opportunities and challenges conventions inside and outside the ballroom scene.

TIME SCHEDULE (subject to change)

Throughout the week the inspirational rooms in studio 406, 407, 408 are open. You can visit these on times when there is a break or at the end of the day.  On the door of each studio you can see the theme.

Walk-in. Welcome, in the hall there will be coffee and tea.

Introduction to Ballroom & Gender performance by Amber Vineyard in Danstheater 
and screening documentary with Q&A.
Location: Danstheater

Workshop Posing by Amber

Location: Danstheater

Lunch in studio 809

House of Vineyard Workshops: posing &runway, vogue femm, costume making.

Location: Danstheater, Tiptop and studio 2nd floor.

15.00 - 15.30
Preparation for runway

Final runway with all first-year students ‘Let’s strike a pose together’.

Location: Danstheater