Programme Monday 26 February

Monday morning we all return from the Spring break and start together in the Danstheater. The Wastelands Team will introduce itself and tell a bit more about what to expect and look forward to during the Wastelands week.

Before the lunch we will have a speed dating of inspirational objects. And the various workshops do a parade to get you excited to sign up. Be prepared and book the workshops of your choice online!

On Monday afternoon the Wasteland team (other students are welcome to help) will create three different rooms: Music/ Jam room, Campfire room and Silent room.

TIME SCHEDULE (subject to change)

Walk-in. Welcome, in the hall we will have coffee and tea.

Opening of Wastelands Week + introduction of WL Team and programme.

Location: Danstheater

Speed dating with inspirational objects
Location: Danstheater

Location: studio 809

Presentation and information about department workshops and inspiration workshops + moment to sign up
Location: Danstheater