Programma Friday 1 March

During the morning on the last day of the Wastelands week we will divide in the same groups as where you started in on Monday (with the speed dating). As a group you will have a conversation about the Wastelands week. Did it bring you anything for now or for the future? From this exchange of thoughts and images, maybe in writing, maybe in art, you & the others in your group are going to create a Time Capsule in a box. A message to your future self, since the box will be re-opened when you graduate in 2027.

In the afternoon we will divide all students into two groups for a recap in the inspirational rooms and The  ATD Bake Off (all dietary restrictions are taken into account) where you can decorate a desert cake for the final diner. You will have a turn at both events.

After that we will together clean up together the rooms and studio’s that we’ve been using. In the meanwhile, studio 809 will be transformed into a cozy restaurant where we all together will share a beautiful dinner (all dietary restrictions are taken into account).
And to close the week off, DJ Solange (who was also present in the Introduction week) will start to play in the Danstheater for a sizzling End Party. The bar will be at ‘de Punt’.

TIME SCHEDULE (subject to change)

Throughout the week the inspirational rooms in studio 406, 407, 408 are open. You can visit these on times when there is a break or at the end of the day.  On the door of each studio you can see the theme.


We all come together in Danstheater


All first-year students will be divided in two groups: ATD Bake Off / Making of time capsule boxes

We switch the groups; Making of time capsule / ATD Bake Off

Closing the time capsule boxes in IDlab

Diner in studio 809 (with the ATD Bake Off cakes as desert)

Party in Danstheater with DJ Solange