ATD Teacher-Researcher Fellowship awards 2022-23

Vlnr: Carly Everaert, Esther Snelder, Roos van Berkel

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The ATD is delighted to announce that the first ATD Teacher-Researcher Fellowships 2022-23 have been awarded to Carly Everaert, and to the duo, Roos van Berkel and Esther Snelder.

Through the scheme, the Academy support teachers to conduct a research project directly connected to arts education at the ATD for 1 day a week over 1 year from September 2022 – September 2023. Fellows will also receive supervision and mentoring from the Lectorate.

Research is fundamental to the quality of our education. This scheme aims to provide teacher-researchers with time, support and structure to conduct research that will have a direct impact on educational innovation, ensuring that the programmes of the ATD remain at the cutting edge of theory and practice.

The ATD Teacher-Researcher Fellows for 2022-23 are:

Carly Everaert (Scenography) for her project “Creating spaces for other(ed) bodies”, which will enable her to continue and develop her research into theatre design practices through the lens of intersectionality - using a collaborative method to develop new course material on performance practices from a Black, trans/queer and disability justice perspective.

Roos van Berkel (ECD) and Esther Snelder (Mime) for their project "Perceiving Counterforce”:
an interdisciplinary research project between mime and dance that investigates the perception and ambiguity of counterforce through word, image and movement. Through studio-based research and interviews, the duo will investigate the performative concept of "counterforce" and develop curriculum by means of an essay/booklet and workshop.