Sixteen new proposals selected for funding by second round of DAS Research Development fund

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In February 2022, DAS Research – the lectorate of the ATD – held the second round of an open call for small research development projects to be funded by DAS Research.

Forty-three applications were received – from teachers, tutors, BA and MA students and researchers - and were reviewed by the selection committee: Anthony Heidweiller, Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca, Liesbeth Koot and Marijn de Langen. Sixteen proposals were selected for funding.

The committee were overwhelmed by the quality of the proposals – particularly from the Bachelors students including cross-departmental collectives.

Here are just some of the beautiful and urgent questions being asked in the projects:

- How can sound and produce a language that acknowledges geological matter as a living and existing corporeality?
- How  can  we  stop  reproducing  the  hierarchical  patterns  that  the  capitalist hegemony  present in our society has engrained in each of us?
-Where do we find pleasure in our movement practices, research processes and educational activities? What can we learn from each other's relationship with pleasure? - How might exploring my family history through folk and myth stories help me inhabit the past, present and future at once?

We are delighted to announce the names of those who had projects funded:

  • Amisha Kumra (Bachelors student, ECD) Decolonizing the mind: movement research project 
  • Toni Kritzer (Bachelors student, Theatre Directing)with Joelina Spiess, Tabula Raas, Inge Gutzeit, Lou Seidel – KEINHEXENWERK: an ATD wide student-made magazine project
  • Emil Aron Mæng Dorph, Gijs Feskens, Gregor Piskernik, Helene Ridderberg, Kofi Boanyah, Luka MarIna Viool, Sancha Meca Castro, Tessel Emma Anke, Toni Kritzer, Zita Lidwien de Vos (Bachelors students, BA Design & Technology, BA Expanded Contemporary Dance, BA Mime, BA Production Podiumkunsten, BA Theatre Directing, BA Scenography, BA SNDO - Choreography) – Together in 24-Hours: 24 hours research intensive project
  • Julius Frodermann & Geert Oddens (Bachelor studentSNDO & employee ATT) – project to build an Organ Pipe that uses an empty room of a Water-treatment Centre as its resonant body.
  • Kaide Gonzalez (Bachelors student, Docent Dans) for a project to research the international teaching of House dance
  • Zero Goudsmit & La Uyi Ihasee (Bachelors students, SNDO)– for a project to create a reading list  that speaks to the inbetween experience of mixed kidz in Europe.
  • Melyn Chow (Bachelors student, Mime)– for a film project on the relation betweenageing, dying and eroticism in the researcher’s Chinese heritage.
  • Alexa Mardon (Masters participant, DAS Choreography)– for a project on grief, finnish ancestry and lament singing.
  • Carolina Bianchi (Masters participant, DAS Theatre)to write an article on femicide with the guidance of the Argentinian philosopher, Professor Rita Laura Segato
  • Flavia Pinheiro (Masters participant, DAS Choreography)– for the Mitochondria project: performance research exploring unexpected encounters between dancing bodies and plants species in green houses in Amsterdam.
  • Paula Montecinos (Mentor, DAS Choreography)– for the project [An]archivingTranslatinxMemories
  • Pedro Manuel (Matter/Spirit research group)for the artistic research lecture series “Staging material and Immaterials”.
  • Esther Arribas (Teacher-Researcher, SNDO)– for the project: The politics of pleasure in body and movement practices, research and education
  • Konstantina Georgelou (Teacher-Researcher, DAS Theatre and DAS Choreography) – for the project: Dramaturgy as a Practice of Lateral Movement
  • Iva Lesic & Leila Kester (Teacher-Researchers, Dutch National Ballet Academy) – for the project: Hypermobility: understanding and tackling the dilemmas together
  • Fleur van den Berg (Teacher-Researcher, Mime): for the translation and publication project "Woorden over Mime”

We look forward to seeing the results of their research in the coming months!

The next open call for research funding will be released with a deadline of September 1st 2022, for projects to be conducted during Autumn-Winter 2022-23.