1 + 2 September: DAS Choreography Studio Showings x Veem House for Performance

In order of appearance: Josefa Pereira - Glimpse (Photo by Aline Belfort), Veza Fernández - Alalazo, Emmilou Rößling - THE FRATERNITY

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On Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd of September, Veem House for Performance hosts the DAS Choreography Studio Showings. Emmilou Rößling, Josefa Pereira and Veza Fernández will give insight into their ongoing research process by sharing their practice with their peers and an audience. We look forward to meeting you there.

Programme Studio Showings

Monday 31 August - open rehearsals

  • 14:00-16:00 THE FRATERNITY by Emmilou Rößling ⠀
  • 18:00-20:00 Glimpse by Josefa Pereira + Alalazo by Veza Fernández⠀

Tuesday 1 September

  • 20:00 – 22:00 THE FRATERNITY by Emmilou Rößling⠀

Wednesday 2 September

  • 20:00 - 22:00 Glimpse by Josefa Pereira + Alalazo by Veza Fernández

Practical Information

  • LocationVeem House for Performance (Van Diemenstraat 408-410, 1013 CR Amsterdam)
  • Reservations: Attendance is free, but seating is limited due to corona policy regulations. Please reserve your place by sending an email to: daschoreography@ahk.nl. You will receive a confirmation when your name is added to the list. Attendance without a confirmed reservationwon’t be possible.
  • Live-stream: The Studio Showings will be live-streamed from Veem House for Performance. Tune in on Twitch.tv : https://www.twitch.tv/dasgraduateschool

    Trouble accessing the live-stream? Search 'dasgraduateschool' in the search box on Twitch.tv. Thank you! ⠀

THE FRATERNITY by Emmilou Rößling

there is something stubborn and awkward about felt, that carries and facilities this dance. about it being the oldest textile in the world. and about the felt’s time being always now, like a teenage punk - it has no future and no past neither.

the woven fabric on the other hand knows time how we know it, it knows about the past, the present and the future. it knows about saving plans and photo books. unlike the felt it knows about anticipation, reminiscence and regret.

in THE FRATERNITY three women come together in an idle search of suspending time in which dance becomes a smokescreen for an experience that is more like the felt and less like the woven fabric. they offer a texture that one can rest upon a little, that comes with no expectations except for the time that is spent together.

Duration: 2 hrs
Choreography: Emmilou Rößling
Performance: Rachell Bo Clark, Tarren Johnson & Emmilou RößlingTechnical Direction: Maika Knoblich
All Photo Credits: Daiva Tubutytė

THE FRATERNITY is supported by Berliner Senat and Kulturamt Frankfurt. Residency support: Kaaistudio's Brussels, workspacebrussels, Tanzfabrik Berlin, DAS Amsterdam.

Alalazo by Veza Fernández

(or the study on the body of the female* voice and its dissonant powers in visceral dialogue with an electronic soundtrack and a dance)

“Alalazo” is a force call of one and at the same time many voices entering a battle, shouting, cheering, resisting, giving birth to a moan of ecstatic joy. It is the voice that has to come out shamelessly exceeding all the prejudices and muting processes it has undergone throughout history. It is the female* voice in its most sentient edges explored as a force.

In this showing you will see me practicing, crafting the alalazo voice from my most inner entrails relating and collaborating with an emotional electronic soundtrack, while rendering this visceral exchange in space and form in a dance until the limits between voice, sound and dance dissipate becoming one voice of many voices becoming each other.

Duration: 50 mins
Choreography & Practice: Veza Fernández
Music Composition: Rana Farahani (aka Fauna)
Space & Costume: Sarah Sternat
Mentor: Jule Flierl
Outside Eye: Lau Lukkarila

Glimpse by Josefa Pereira

A "Glimpse" is a brief and partial view or a slight and momentary appearance of something.

In this investigation, Glimpse defines a dispositive that creates a simultaneous tension between the right and left side the body it activates. From this very contrasted and rhythmic machinery, some polarities are generated, such as continuity and interruption, mobility and stillness, visibility and invisibility, verticality and horizontality as a space for friction, and also, for some deviation in its possible gaps and cracks.

Duration: 45 mins
Choreography: Josefa Pereira
Sound design: Ágatha Cigarra
Collaborators: Daniel Lühman, Maura Grimaldi, Natália Mendonça, Patrícia Bergantin, Taygoara Schiavinoto Moura Ramos
Mentor: Elisabete Finger
Residencies: M TRÂNSITO -Temps d'Images, Estúdios Vitor Córdon [Lisboa-PT); Musibéria (Serpa-PT); Casa da Dança (Almada-PT); DAS Graduate School.

This research at DAS Choreography is granted with a scholarship from Fundação Gulbenkian (PT).