Launch of the first Nomadic Curatorial Block of DAS Theatre moving to Santarcangelo Festival (Italy)

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What if the beginning was not the beginning at all | (and the end has already happened)?

Nomadic Block DAS Theatre 1° year @Santarcangelo Festival (Italy)

DAS Theatre 1° year participants just moved to Santarcangelo Festival in Italy last week. They are going into an intensive block programme, to engage with a different reality than the one offered by DAS Graduate School and to start their collective journey in the form of a long residency with external mentors. The nomadic block is one of the new elements of the curriculum, that next to the traditional in-house block is envisioned as a way to explore new possibilities in education for artistic and curatorial practices. 

This first nomadic block has been made possible by the intent of DAS Theatre artistic director Silvia Bottiroli and artists Daniela Nicolò and Enrico Casgrande, founders and directors of the theatre company Motus and exceptionally at the lead of Santatcangelo in 2020, for the 50thedition of the Italian festival. Over a month, DAS Theatre participants will work together with Motus and with the invited guests El Conde de Torrefiel, Mara Oscar Cassiani & Kamilia Kard, Maura Nguyen Donohue & _vvxxii, Muta Imago and Zapruder fillmmakersgroup.

The new format of the Nomadic Block, introduced since this year at DAS Theatre, aims at exploring thematics that resonate on broad social and educational encounters and at proposing in-depth activities of study with a transversal perspective. Not only the block mentors work transdisciplinary, according to the overall educational view of DAS Theatre; during a nomadic block, participants merge together with a specific locality, out of Amsterdam and the Netherlands and in some respects very far away from the context of the school. The nomadic Block is an attempt to build an education within cross-national relations and among different types of artistic institutions and cultural scenes; to enhance experimental approaches to education deriving from artistic practices; to seek for alternative forms of knowledge generation, acknowledging that knowledge is always embodied in people and always embedded in places.


The mutual involvement between DAS Theatre and Santarcangelo Festival is the first step of a series of dialogues on the subject of education, that will lead DAS Theatre to collaborate with de Brakke Grond in Amsterdam for its in-house block in February 2020. 

For Santarcangelo Festival, this is a step into education as a political field, heading towards the curation of the project “A School with a View” that in July 2020 will invite representative of a number of European Universities and Academies to come together and share researches and practices.