DAS Theatre at Fast Forward Festival Athens

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For the second year, a group of DAS Theatre students and staff is visiting the Onassis Fast Forward Festival, an initiative of the Onassis Culture. This ‘positioning trip’ is possible thanks to the generous support of the Onassis Foundation.

At DAS Theatre, we encourage students to reflect on their current position in the field of the performing arts and explore possible approaches to it at several levels of understanding. The work itself is the starting point for cultivating an awareness of what are the best conditions for developing, creating, presenting and disseminating it.  Identifying artistic and discursive affinities, both within the contemporary field and within a larger art historical context, provides more context. Articulating social, political, ethical and aesthetic values grounds the practice. Developing relevant knowledge and networks strengthens a student’s position in the professional field.

Visiting the Onassis Fast Forward Festival is an outstanding occasion for enriching such reflections on possible positions for artists and curators. We will experience a large part of the festival and see works by artists from various disciplines and cultural backgrounds.  We will be able to address our questions in encounters with key figures at the festival, professional visitors and local players in the Athens performing arts field.

Feedback session

The group will also participate and contribute to a feedback session on May 11th relating to a new artistic research and artist/curator-in-residence program within the pillar of the Onassis Culture - the Onassis AiR due to be launched in January 2019. The feedback session will include more than 40 professionals from Greece and abroad and will be moderated by DAS Theatre director, Barbara Van Lindt. The Onassis AiR program is designed and will be run by Ash Bulayev, alumni of the DAS Theatre programme.

With gratefulness and excitement,
Athens here we come!

DAS Theatre students and staff will be from 9 - 13 May in Athens.