DasArts Presents Block 2013: EVERY NERVE

Edit Kaldor

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Can a live performance have a profound impact on the lives of individuals? Can it have long-term effects on a community? Can it interrupt or rearrange the order of things in public space? Can it bring about political (or social) change? Can it hijack the media?

If yes, how? During ten weeks starting on the 16th of September, the DasArts participants will investigate the various potential for “impact” that live performance can have today. It identifies a need to reclaim this word from areas such as marketing or social enterprise, and will begin with a process of self-examination: where do you want to make impact? Or even - what are you willing to stand up for? Working together with the mentors alongside invited artists, theoreticians, activists and curators, the participants will be looking at their own interests and motivations when creating work, and will practically explore tools, strategies and artistic practices which go beyond the usual frames of encounter between audience and performer.

The mentors of the block are theatre makers Edit Kaldor (H/NL) and Ant Hampton (GB/B).

Ant Hampton