WE LIVE HERE: An Academy 2013

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We are proud and happy to present the WE LIVE HERE: An Academy 2013 programme. As in the previous two editions, WE LIVE HERE will once again be gathering together a temporary community of professionals from the performing arts and beyond, offering a space for encounters – a space to work and think together.


8-13 July 2013 Frascati WG Amsterdam
For schedule and complete programme description: www.we-live-here.com 

This year’s WE LIVE HERE looks into artistic practices as elaborate fields where knowledge, strategies and experiences are developed in broader and further reaching ways than only the artistic products visible as their final outcomes. Particularly the field of performing arts has opened up rich research into practices using elaborate collaborative structures to examine individual fascinations, socio-political engagement, philosophical investigation and economic concerns. The past decade has witnessed a growing number of collaborative and individual practices in the arts that have created complex networks of mutual support and exchange. Against the backdrop of all-pervasive discussions about the crisis, the arts field has continuously come up with creative modes of production, discourse and ongoing artistic practice and reflection. In what ways is this knowledge and experience evident and pro-active in society at large today? And how does it affect the larger structures in which we live?

WE LIVE HERE combines a series of public events with two separate working sessions that are open to a limited group of participants. This year the core activity will consist of two parallel work-sessions by two distinctive artist initiatives: the Croatian collective BADco with their ongoing research project ‘Post-Hoc Dramaturgy’ on afterlives of performance and the research project ‘Scores as Compositional Strategy’(with a.o. DD Dorvilier). The programme further includes artist encounters, exchanges and lectures and an excursion to the surroundings of Amsterdam.

Finally, WE LIVE HERE is collaborating with Julidans and we are able to offer a discount on tickets to all performances in the festival. We especially recommend Alessandro Sciarroni (July 10) and Jefta van Dinther (July 11).

WE LIVE HERE is an initiative of several partners: Andrea Bozic / Tilt, Marijke Hoogenboom / the Amsterdam School of the Arts and Nicole Beutler / NBprojects and is supported by Julidans and Frascati. The Scores as Compositional Strategy research trajectory is curated in collaboration with Inge Koks and Bertha Bermudez/ ICK Amsterdam. ?