DasArts Spring Semester 2011

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The Spring Semester 2011 has recently started! Five students will carry out an Individual Trajectory and 4 students will finalize their studies by realizing a Master Proof.

The Individual Trajectories will be carried out by:
Mala Kline, Julian Hetzel, Manolis Tsipos, Pedro Manuel and Maika Knoblich.
The Master Proofs will be realised by:
Anton Bulayev, Gertjan van Gennip, Elina Cerpa and Nir Nadler.
All students are individually supervised by a prominent person from the art world, who closely follows their development:
Dirk Verstockt, Bojana Mladenovic, Nicole Beutler, Snejanka Mihaylova, Andrea Bozic, Petra Ardai and Edit Kaldor.
Simultaneously, for a period of two weeks, a collective Contextual takes place, a two week programme designed by the students in which they contextualize issues relevant to their practice.
We will keep you informed about the content of the student's activities!