MTD Legacy Publication

MTD Legacy Publication, celebrating 33 years of dance education in the Netherlands

The MTD Legacy Project wanted to celebrate the heritage of the Modern Theatre Dance Department of the Academy of Theatre and Dance ATD of the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK).

The Project has three “arms” reaching out to embrace the dance community and beyond: The GIVE-A-DANS festival, that takes place June 24-29 in Amsterdam, a digital platform, and the MTD Legacy publication/magazine MTD Legacy: Celebrating 33 years of Dance Education in the Netherlands. The magazine includesa very valuable interview with Angela Linssen the director of the MTD Programme for the last 22 years, as well as articles by 10 teachers about the research and development of their craft within MTD and how it will transfer into the curriculum of the new department, Expanded Contemporary Dance department (ECD). We are honoured to include as well a foreword by Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca, the current Head of DAS Graduate School, and a summation by Bojana Bauer, the artistic ldirector of ECD. We hope you will be interested in this event but also in having this publication, as it marks the end of one era of dance education and performance, and entrance of a new exciting future. We also envision it as an important documentation of the artistic practices developed under the direction of Angela Linssen.

The MTD Legacy Publication will be festively presented during festival GIVE-A-DANS!