Open air performance – Some Fake Dances at St. Antoniesluis

Title: “Some Fake Dances at St. Antoniesluis”
Date: June 26, 2022
Time: 18:15 – 19:00 hrs. 

“Some Fake Dances at St. Antoniesluis” is a collection of short dances, each consisting of a written dance theme and an improvisation, which follow each other much like tunes do during a jazz concert. The work focuses on the tool of the 'fake book', a collection of scores used by jazz musicians to play together quickly and easily. “Some Fake Dances at St. Antoniesluis” explores a space between composition and interpretation and can be performed by various constellations of performers. Up until today, it has taken the shapes of a solo, two different duets and a group piece for seven dancers. For the MTD Legacy Festival, it will come to life as a trio with Anni Kaila, Lena Schattenberg and Samuel Feldhandler. 

Free entrance