D&T1: U.N.I.

vrijdag 26 mei 2023, 19:00 - 20:00 uur
Academie voor Theater en Dans
Jodenbreestraat 3
1011 NG Amsterdam

You wake up but it’s a dream. You are dreaming but you are not alone. Someone else is there as well. Is it your dream? Is it their dream?

A space is shared in the unconscious between U and I.

U.N.I. is a piece that explores a shared space in the dreamworld. Through fate, chance or magic two people are introduced to each other in a shared dream. How do they experience this coexistence. What delight, pleasure, confusion comes from this? How can this connection be translated into our corporeal world?

Concept & Design - Katre-Helen Kask
Technical Crew - Thomas Stinissen, Abel de Haan, Katre-Helen Kask

Dancers - Mélie Favre, Amisha Kumra

Reserve a spot via katrehelen.kask@gmail.com

25 May 18:30
26 May 19:00
26 May 20:30

Location: Academy of Theatre and Dance, Jodenbreestraat 3, Studio 4.10