Regie 3: Crave - intern publiek

vrijdag 03 december 2021, 20:00 - 20:30 uur
Academie voor Theater en Dans
Jodenbreestraat 3
1011 NG Amsterdam

Wegens de aangescherpte coronamaatregelen zal de voorstelling Crave op vrijdag 3 december om 20:00 uur alleen voor intern publiek toegankelijk zijn. 
Due to the tightened corona measures, the performance Crave on Friday 3 December at 20:00 will only be accessible to an internal audience.

Crave directed by Chloé Harris 

C A field. A basement. A bed. A car. 
A Most people, 
B They get on, 
A They get up, 
B They get on. 
A A horror so deep only ritual can contain it, 
M Express it, 
B Explain it, 
A Maintain it,

In a new adaptation of Sarah Kane's Crave, this moment is the characters' last cry for help. C, A, B, and M relive a past event and try to understand what has brought them together. No one knows what has happened, what is happening, nor what will happen. The answer is often right under their noses, but everyone has different versions of events. What they discover may kill them, but if they do not fight to find the truth, it may torment them forever.Through a violent use of language and the continual haunting of the past, Crave makes us question whether they are really not aware of what happened, or do they lie to save themselves? 

Director - Chloé Harris
Scenographer - Joëlle Snijders
Performers- Carina De Vroome, Christine van Stralen , Giulia Reiss and Casper Nusselder
Dramaturg - Jordan Scott Hardesty
Technical manager - Bas De Bruijn  
Sound Designer -  Dave Krooshof
Lighting Designer - Martijn Smolders
Production leaders - Gemma Van Kruijsbergen en Tosca Schutte
Mentor - Erasmus Mackenna

Thanks to - Kyra Mol , Steven van Watermeulen, Frits Van Driel, de Academie voor Theater en Dans, Lois Maat, Vredenburgh Studios, Sanne Nouws, Paolo Antico, Hans Kemna and the ATT department at AHK.